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Social News 17/9

"Social News 17/9,"

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Public diplomacy in digital era

The Department of Press and Information, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cooperated with the New Zealand’s Embassy to organize a workshop on public diplomacy in Ha Noi on September 13-14.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the event, Chief of Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duong Chi Dung highlighted the meaning of the public diplomacy in the process of nations establishing cooperative and peaceful relation and as well as efforts of the international community in addressing global issues.
Public diplomacy works in Viet Nam in different period of the history, play a huge role in the national liberation, protection and development process, he asserted.
He highly valued the New Zealand’s cooperation and assistance in organizing the workshop, regarding it a proof for the close relationship between the two nations.
For his side, Kiwi Ambassador Haike Manning referred to the importance of the public diplomacy, which has become an international voice for Viet Nam and support promotion of Vietnamese interests including products and services.
Moreover, the public diplomacy is considered as a useful tool in responding to consular crisis and back international campaigns and initiatives.

Topics discussed at the workshop includes factors to create effective digital diplomatic strategies, social media trends in Viet Nam and measures to set up contents attracting public and press concerns and strategic media skills. ...

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