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For 20 years APK transformed into institute of public diplomacy

Botagoz Aitzhanova, "For 20 years APK transformed into institute of public diplomacy,"

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Over the years, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has passed a long way of development, having transformed into the Institute of public diplomacy, member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, director of the state republican Korean theater of musical comedy Lyubov Ni told
ASTANA CITY18 July , 11:37
"Over the years, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has passed a long way of development, having accumulated a great intellectual and consolidating potential and transformed into the Institute of public diplomacy. During the anniversary year of the 20th anniversary of the Assembly the country successfully implemented a number of national projects to strengthen the Kazakh identity and the new Kazakhstani patriotism, such as: the social republican campaign "APK - 20 good deeds", under which the assistance was provided to more than 35 thousand people ; the campaign "Caravan of Solace", the campaign "Train "Menin Kazakhstanym", thanks to which the medical care was received by more than 50 thousand people; the republican campaign "Asar" in support of children with cancer, leukemia and other forms of blood diseases, etc.", L. Ni said.
In addition, as part of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate the republican historical and cultural expedition "Uly Dala Eli" was held, during which in the territory of Kazakhstan more than 20 thousand kilometers were passed, 350 activities with the participation of 50 thousand people were conducted, including more than 100 authoritative scientists, social scientists, historians.
"Congresses of welfare institutions and donors under the auspices of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan are carried out, as a result of this work of the APK will become the center of the organization of all charity in the country, having united public and business structures, concerning patronage and charity; the forum of Councils of public consent within which the new action program of Councils in the sphere of public control is considered and approved, is urged to make Assembly the center of coordination of all work in the country on public control. Successfully the Center of mediation of Assembly which has been open based on "Kogamdyk Kelisim" in case of the President of Kazakhstan functions, much attention is also paid to creation of schools of mediators based on regional Houses of friendship, to opening of public receptions of the APK for rendering assistance to citizens in the solution of conflict situations", L. Ni added.
According to her, actions of the APK have been directed to implementation of the Identity and Unity direction of the Plan of the nation, strengthening of the Kazakhstan identity and unity, promotion of national patriotic idea "Mangilik El", education of new Kazakhstan patriotism.

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