Friday, July 29, 2016

What Saudi Arabia can offer Israel

Akiva Eldar, "What Saudi Arabia can offer Israel,"

Image from article, with caption: Retired Saudi Gen. Anwar Eshki (C) and his delegation meet with Israeli Knesset members during a visit to Israel, July 22, 2016
The Arab willingness to give Israel an advance payment in the form of normalizing ties with the Arab world without receiving anything in return on the Palestinian front signals a change in the Arab League’s strategy. The normalization card was offered as collateral, to be redeemed the day Israel announces its adoption of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative.
Israel’s right-wing government portrays the public diplomacy being conducted by Egypt and Saudi Arabia as proof that its concept of “peace in return for peace” has been successful. Important Arab states are willing to openly embrace us even though we have not given up one inch of the West Bank and even as we continue to control Al-Aqsa Mosque, conveniently forgetting Israel handing over the Sinai Peninsula.

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