Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nigeria: Champagne Dino Melaiye for President

Tunde Asaju,

Image from, with caption: Senator Dino Melaye threatens to beat up Senator James Manager

Seriously, I am looking at a Melaiye for president. Come to think of it, global politics has changed ethics. Who would have thought that Donald Dumb who wouldn't win a campus sorority leadership contest would become the official flag bearer of the grand ole party of the United States? Decorum is not a virtue that wins votes and on Dumb's way to the republican presidency, he has insulted women; ordered people to be beaten at campaign rallies with an offer to pay the legal fees. So cocksure is this son of a gun that he boasted he could go to the street, shoot a few people only to watch his popularity ratings soar - an ISIS poster image! Yet, he is inches away from having control of the world's nuclear arsenal - that should make Saddam Hussein green with fury in his grave.
After two tribal wars, who would have imagined the rise of right-wing elements in continental Europe? But here they are, winning elections and forming formidable alliances. A world where Boris Johnson is foreign minister would need a Dino Melaiye presidency to define public diplomacy. Maybe we should lower the standards and we may see the good of Melaiye as president. ...

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