Monday, July 25, 2016

South China Sea: Normalcy Begins

Ankit Srivastava, "South China Sea: Normalcy Begins," New Delhi Times

uncaptioned image from article
[T]he initial fears of tensions in the South China Sea cascading downwards has whittled down too soon. It was predicted by the western media that US could come forward to enforce the sanctity of international law-UNCLOS in particular- through some sort of deployments, joint patrols with Japan or undertaking navigation through waters claimed by China in the region. But Washington has no locus standii over the issue as it has not joined UNCLOS and the Arbitration Tribunal has even rejected its submission to be allowed as an ‘observer’. While the world braced for a probable bull fight, the two big powers resorted to sort of ‘kiss and make up’. A high level delegation led by State Councilor Dai Bingguo landed in US for Track II diplomacy wherein Chinese called ‘attention to its tone of reasonableness and a total absence of stridency or belligerence.’
Chinese outreach underscores the interdependency between the two big powers. A war is a distant possibility but likelihood of clashes may be there. China has averted the likelihood of war by establishing a think tank in Washington as part of its public diplomacy to build support and understanding in the US on the maritime disputes. ...

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