Monday, July 25, 2016

Preparing Liberia's Diplomats for the 21st Century and Beyond.

Augustine Konneh, "Preparing Liberia's Diplomats for the 21st Century and Beyond,"

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The Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was founded in 1951, during the administration of President Tubman pursuant to an Act of the Legislature, ref (31), for the purpose of providing a professional training center for young men and women who wish to become diplomats in the Foreign Service of the Republic of Liberia. ...
The FSI has, and continues to be quite effective in training diplomats to be sharp, skillful and adroit in the essentials of international relations, diplomatic theories and practices, diplomatic communication and development diplomacy. Specifically, the training includes diplomatic communication and skills in rules of diplomatic protocols, language, writing and composition, buttressed by modern information, communication and technology. In addition, some of the academic courses include Protocol, Etiquette and Ceremony, Public Diplomacy, Economic and Development Diplomacy, Introduction to Diplomacy and Diplomatic Practices, Peace, Justice and International Law, Embassy Financial Management and Reporting, International and Regional Organizations, International Relations, Foreign Languages: French, Spanish, Mandarin, and English for Diplomats, and Leadership Development. ...

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