Sunday, July 31, 2016

Scientific-practical seminar on the topic "Ukraine - Middle East: prospects for development. Public Diplomacy"

"Scientific-practical seminar on the topic 'Ukraine - Middle East: prospects for development. Public Diplomacy,'"

International co-operation impossible fully organize only by state authorities. Local Ukrainian organizations should and they are able to participate in public diplomacy.
That is why the July 28, 2016 was held the scientific-practical seminar on the topic "Ukraine - Middle East: prospects for development. Public Diplomacy ". It was organized by the Center of the International Relations with the countries of Middle East Department of International Relations on the base of Odessa Office of the International Personnel Academy and the International Congress on protection of rights and freedoms citizens "Shield" with the informational portal "Arabian Ukraine."
The representatives of public and religious organizations, national minorities and the media took part in the discussions during the seminar. The President of the International Organization "Shield" and the director of the Center of the International Relations with the countries of the Middle East Department of the International Relations of Odessa Office on the base of the International Personnel Academy, Professor Mohamed Saleh Daher opened the seminar with the introductory speech.
In his speech, he expressed the hope that the variety of nationalities and religions around the world will reach a consensus soon and there will be peace in the world. The plenipotentiary representative of the International Personnel Academy, Pr. Osipov Valeriy Borisovich, in his speech noted the importance of strong relations between Ukraine and Arabian countries and stressed on the importance of public diplomacy in the formation of these relations.
The next speaker, the chief editor of the information portal " Arabic Ukraine," Dr. Mohammad Faradjallah expressed his views on the topic of the seminar was. His comprehensive report was devoted to the topic of creating a bridge between two cultures - Ukrainian and Arabic. The Chairman of Odessa regional organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Yuriy Rabotin, noted:” The most important thing in this seminar is the authorities should take into account the desire of public organizations to help Ukrainian and Arab governments to normalize relations between two nations”.
The religious position in relationships between Muslims countries and Ukraine presented Sheikh Ilyas Umarov, he expressed the regret about the perception of Islam in the modern world. Many terrorist organizations commit terrible acts in the name of Islam. “These acts are the greatest sins in Islam. Terrorism has not nationality and religion”, said Ilyas Umarov
The Vice-president of the International organization "Shield" added: "Palestine is one of the sharpest problem in the Middle East and the world as a whole. We, all together, must fight for the recognition of an independent Palestinian state and the right of Palestinians on self-determination. "
An opinion, on issues of cooperation between Ukraine and the Arabian countries, expressed the representative of Odessa regional TV, Matyukh Oksana and others.
At the end of the seminar, all members agreed to create the document that will make a new adjustments in the future development of the relations between Ukraine and the Arabian countries.

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