Saturday, July 30, 2016

Revealed: The Right-Wing Movement’s Agenda For Trump’s First 180 Days

Peter Montgomery, "Revealed: The Right-Wing Movement’s Agenda For Trump’s First 180 Days,"

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At a forum organized by the American Conservative Union Foundation at the Republican National Convention, participants were given of a set of pocket cards containing policy proposals, quick facts and “market tested messages” on the one dozen highest priorities selected by Conservative Action Project leaders. The 12 priorities are divided into four categories: Constitutional Issues and the Judiciary; Preserving and Protecting Our Culture; Freeing Our Economy so Everyone Can Win; and Defending Our Freedoms.
The package provides a clear picture of the ideas that right-wing organizations are pushing Trump to embrace. Some are vague, like, “The President should revive Public Diplomacy,” but others are quite specific. Taken together, they’re a pretty good indication of what we’d have in store on the policy front with Trump in the White House.
[T]he proposals ...signal the intense desire of right-wing organizations to infuse their priorities throughout the federal government’s executive branch agencies ...

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