Saturday, July 30, 2016

Netanyahu: Israel's foreign policy is a great success

Gideon Allon, "Netanyahu: Israel's foreign policy is a great success,"; see also.

Image from article, with caption: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displays a map showing Israel's improving relations with countries around the world

Netanyahu called Israel's foreign policy "a great success." He said, "Israel is perceived more and more as an asset and an influencing element in the world because of our war on terror and our technological achievements. We have achieved free trade with China, a 30% increase in trade with India, an agreement with Japan on protecting rigs, military coordination with Russia, initial ties with a host of African countries, heads of state visiting Israel for the first time, the normalization of ties with Turkey -- and every week I meet with four heads of state."
According to the prime minister, "the National Information Directorate [responsible for public diplomacy] operates well from within the Prime Minister's Office through tight and quality cooperation with the other government offices. The test will be -- will they try to tie our hands in the form of hostile resolutions in the [UN] Security Council during a military confrontation? During [military operations] Pillar of Defense and Protective Edge there was no such intervention." ...

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