Thursday, July 21, 2016

SFU [Simon Frasier University, Canada] hosts its first Global Model NATO Summit—July 25-30

Justin Wong, "SFU hosts its first Global Model NATO Summit—July 25-30,"

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Did you ever want to experience how the 28 member states in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) arrive at a consensus on a major world issue?
You can find out on July 25-30th when Simon Fraser University hosts its first Global NATO Summit, at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbour front. Students from all over the world will come together at this event to debate, learn and simulate NATO negotiations.
Sai Wong, who is the summit’s organizer and co-founder of SFU’s Model NATO Club, is proud to say that SFU is the first organization to host this summit in Western Canada. Past summits have been hosted in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.
“Students, especially SFU political-science students, will gain invaluable experience applying what they have learned in the class room to a simulated environment where real institutional rules are applied,” says Wong. “Students will develop good skills in decision-making, diplomacy and negotiation. An experience that can’t be replicated in the classroom.”
Wong, who recently graduated in June with a BA in political science, says the summit will act as a platform for students to facilitate dialogue around issues surrounding national defense.
“I attended two NATO simulations in Europe and thought we should showcase the talent of SFU students at our own summit. I hope this event will generate more interest from SFU students to participate in not only our own events, but to the ones hosted abroad.”
At the event, Allison Hart, special advisor to NATO Public Diplomacy and a keynote speaker at the event, will deliver a lecture on the future of NATO. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions following the lecture. ...

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