Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Serbia promoting brand India

Serbia promoting brand India,

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In response to popular demand, the Embassy of India, Belgrade has launched a new website in Serbian language dedicated to the promotion of Brand India in Serbia.

The website has been interlinked with Embassy’s other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Mobile App.

This follows from the launch of the first India-Serbia Business Forum on June 27, 2016 in Belgrade to take the bilateral ties to the next level in light of the rapid economic developments in both the countries.

The website has been prepared with the help of, the largest internet website of Serbia.

According to official statement the website will regularly cover the latest news about India with the purpose of engaging the Serbian audience.

While an overwhelming majority of the people of Serbia is connected with internet and subscribe to facebook and twitter the new website will be mobile friendly.

At the touch of the button Serbians will be able to access Serbian language information and updates on India on a daily basis.

The new website will not only create awareness of India especially among the youth and the business, it will also assist in the Embassy’s trade promotion efforts and awareness about public diplomacy activities.

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