Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spotlight: Turkey extends operation to face challenges in northern Syria

"Spotlight: Turkey extends operation to face challenges in northern Syria,"

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Turkey has sent more tanks and other military equipment into northern Syria for an extended operation, signaling its readiness to wade deeper into the raging war in the neighboring country to confront challenges on the ground, analysts said.
Some 20 tanks and a number of armored vehicles rolled into the northern Syrian town of al-Rai, in what the state-run Anadolu Agency described as a "new phase" in Operation Euphrates Shield launched on Aug. 24, in which the Islamic State (IS) was driven from the Syrian border town of Jarablus. ...
In the view of Abdullah Agar, a security analyst and writer, Turkey is now engaged in a struggle for existence against terror groups as well as the powers behind them.
"Today the epicenter of that fight is Jarablus operation, which is small in terms of its operatives but important in terms of its public diplomacy, its context and effects," he told Xinhua. ...

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