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Analysis on China’s Public Diplomacy Towards America


By  | June 7, 2015
TitleAnalysis on China’s Public Diplomacy Towards America
With the development of globalization and information technology, profound changes have taken place in diplomatic forms: Public diplomacy increasingly grows and gradually become an important component of all countries’diplomatic strategy to replace traditional diplomacy. As a new diplomatic form, public diplomacy plays a crucial role in soft power, national image even national interests. Through analysis of China’s public diplomacy practice towards America, this paper discusses the characteristics, conditions and constraints of China’s public diplomacy and puts forward some suggestions.The first part sets forth the conception, characteristics and effect of public diplomacy. Public diplomacy means that a government explains to and convinces people in other countries with information spread and cultural exchange with the purpose of creating a favorable international environment and realizing maximization of national interest. Public diplomacy can promote national soft power, maintain a good national image and facilitate the realization of national interest.The second part gives an introduction of China’s public diplomacy practice towards America, mainly focusing on the development process, status and characteristics. Chinese public diplomacy practice towards America started a long time ago, which can be divided into three periods i.e. public diplomacy before establishment of new China, from establishment of new china to establishment of diplomatic relation between China and America, and public diplomacy after establishment of diplomatic relation. Due to different international situations in different periods, China’s public diplomacy practice towards America presents different characteristics.The third part mainly analyzes the conditions and constraints of China’s public diplomacy towards America and further puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions. Strengthening of attraction of traditional Chinese culture and Chinese language to American people, growing of China’s international influence and increasingly close relation between China and America form the conditions on which China implements public diplomacy towards America. Nevertheless, cultural difference, human rights issues and”China threat theory”still exist, restricting implementation of China’s public diplomacy toward America. On this basis, this paper puts forward some suggestions regarding promoting public diplomacy to national strategy level, building responsible superpower image, distinguishing and investigating objects of public diplomacy and facilitating diversified development of public diplomacy subject.

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