Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton and Public Diplomacy: A Facebook conversation

Little success and a Benghazi disaster mean trouble.

  • John Brown -- How right you are: "Record"? Indeed, what "record"? Just a big, vulgar domestic-directed PR-Tee-Vee/social media show (adoring foreign audiences -- "inferior natives" of lands few Americans have ever heard about -- enlightened by Ms.-ionary Clinton, in "townhall meetings" representing herself the she-Leader of the Free Sexist-Free Superior World) -- a "dancing with the stars"-style show officially sold to the financially struggling taxpayer as "public diplomacy," a form of diplomacy supposedly used, in a modest, non-partisan way, in America's national interest but misused by the Clinton clan's aspiring, madlly ambitious plans to reassert their right to the WH throne. I say, let Bill go back to his native Arkansas -- now that he's rich -- and help fatherless families. As for Hillary, "Goldwater Girl, " go back to your upper-middle class Midwestern roots and earn a living without earning millions for uttering a few words or so.

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Bob Schadler said...

From a public diplomacy perspective, the Clinton legacy after she left the State Department may be even worse. Whatever the merits and demerits domestically with regard to the Clinton Foundation and honoraria of $500K to $750K per speech, a great deal of the world now thinks the United States is exceptional primarily in that it practices "crony capitalism" on a scale unparalleled and previously unimaginable. The perception alone resulted in tens of millions being "donated" to the Clinton Foundation and other tens of millions being paid for talks. And the perception of those now finding out about it will be hard to counteract.