Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why 'Make in India' should be complemented with participation in global art shows & upgrade of design ecosystem

Extract from article:

Writing in Foreign Affairs, Peter Martin talks of the significance of India's potential for soft power strategies in diplomacy. "What India lacks in diplomatic muscle, however, it makes up in soft power. It boasts Bollywood, Yoga, Buddhism, and a rich philosophical tradition. It has a world-class cadre of global public intellectuals from Amartya Sen to Salman Rushdie. It also has an extensive, wealthy, and increasingly politically engaged diaspora spread across the political and economic capitals of the world".

Martin says that for years, though, the country's soft power potential has remained largely untapped. "Previous administrations have taken incremental steps to make better use of it, including by establishing a small public diplomacy division within the Ministry of External Affairs in 2006 and expanding the Indian Council for Cultural Relations worldwide. These efforts, however, pale in comparison with the British Council, Germany's Goethe Institutes, or China's overseas network of Confucius Institutes and language scholarship programs. What's more, India has had trouble bringing the disparate elements of the country's appeal together in the service of its foreign policy. 

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