Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Planning for the Obama-Xi Summit

Xie Tao, thediplomat.com

image from article

Excerpt from article:
Mr. Xi is no stranger to the United States, a country he has visited six times before — probably more than any other Chinese leader. He made his first U.S. trip in 1985, then visited twice in the 1990s and once in 2006. ...
During his 2012 tour, President Xi stopped by a small town in Iowa and had a reunion with old American friends from his 1985 visit. He also watched a basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles before heading back to Beijing. These two items on his itinerary clearly show that he wants to connect with the American people. To continue his public diplomacy, Mr. Xi could be the guest of honor at a baseball game, or he could flip a burger with Obama on the White House lawn. It is also highly desirable that he meet with American students who have studied in China. In the long term there is nothing more important than people-to-people ties in stabilizing the bilateral relationship.

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