Monday, June 15, 2015

Yellow Bird Apache Dancers to come to Romania

American Indian band Yellow Bird Apache Dancers will hold a series of performances in Romania in a tournament organized by the Public Diplomacy Office of the US Embassy, through the Arts Envoy program, under the auspices of the State Department – the Education and Culture Office.

uncaptioned image from article

Yellow Bird Apache Dancers are known internationally for over 25 years, the group leader being Ken Duncan, member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and are specialized in presentations that celebrate the unique spirit of the Amerindian civilization. Among the Duncan clan members who will perform in Romania there is also Talon Duncan, who is world champion in hoop dance, teenagers category.

The band will perform in Sibiu (June 18 – 19), Bucharest (June 20 – 21) and Targu-Jiu (June 22 – 23).

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