Monday, June 29, 2015



The Gaza-ruling Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has launched a new English-language website in an attempt to shore up its public diplomacy efforts.

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“We have launched our English website because we believe that communication matters,” the jihadi group said on its Twitter page.
“And because we value your opinions and cherish diversity, we have also added a contact button,” the terror entity wrote in another tweet, adding a smiley face emoticon at the end of the message. 
On its website, Hamas describes itself as dedicated to “resisting the Israeli occupation as well as liberating the Palestinian land…” Its “main goal” is not to serve the citizens of Gaza, but to resist the “Israeli occupation,” the website states.
“Hamas exercises democracy inside its institutions,” the website’s “about us” category claims. However, Hamas has refused to hold elections since the group came to power by a three percent margin in 2006 elections.
The terror group’s most recent attempt at english-language engagement follows prior efforts that turned out to be epic failures.
In March, Hamas started a campaign using the hashtag #AskHamas, encouraging Twitter users to ask questions of the Gaza-ruling group.
What followed was largely a plethora of sarcastic tweets. One such user wrote recently, “#AskHamas have you met your human shield quota for 2015 yet?” Another sarcastically asked, “#AskHamas Do you import the Israeli flags you burn, or do you manufacture them yourselves?” A user with a more serious inquiry asked of the group, “why do you use children to fight for you,” while posting a picture of a child-soldier holding a gun.
Meanwhile, the group continues to oversee the launching of rockets into Israel’s sovereign territory. On Wednesday, a rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel, provoking a response from the Israeli Air Force.

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In reality said...

Another tool in real objective: vilification of Israel it's about "israel is bad" mantra, stupid.

2 vile distorters propagandists bigots have a "book" on 'Human Shields': Neve Gordon & Nicola Perugini.
These two objected Amnesty criticism of Hamas' human shields...don't get fooled by it's title---.