Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NFL Hall of Famers Arrive in Israel on Solidarity Blitz with Jewish State


image from article, with caption: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft share a laugh at the Prime Minister’s Office

Extract from article:
New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft is in Israel this week along with 19 NFL Hall of Fame football stars as part of a special solidarity mission with the Jewish state.
“Touchdown in Israel: Mission of Excellence” is being sponsored by the Jewish billionaire, the first trip of its kind specific to former Pro Football Hall of Famers, ESPN reported. ...
Right behind the US, Kraft said that “Israel is my favorite place to be. Where else can you find the two holiest sites to the monotheistic faiths side by side?”
“Touchdown in Israel” is one of Kraft’s ways of helping to improve the worldview image of the Jewish state. The idea to bring the Hall of Famers to Israel originally came from current Israeli ambassador to the US Ron Dermer.
“I was on a trip to Canton, Ohio, and I visited the Hall of Fame. I thought to myself that these people are like modern gladiators; people in American worship them. They have the same value as a year’s worth of public diplomacy [for Israel],” he told Israel Hayom.

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frankwilliamsru said...

A business man's PR stunt! Gladiators? Caesars, maybe! Gladiators were slaves not multimillionaires. They advanced or could in deed achieve freedom only if they survived near death numerous horrible competitions.