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The United States is a public diplomatic power in today’s world. Public diplomacy is an important means to carry out the America’s foreign strategy, to shape its national image and to safeguard its national interests. The foundations and other non-governmental organizations play an important role in America’s public diplomacy activities. The Ford Foundation is one of America’s Foundations which are engaged in overseas programs.

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It is the most interested in global affairs in numerous 
foundations in the United States. So it is one of important NGOs which United States implement public diplomacy. The Ford Foundation keeps close relationship with China and makes a significant contribution to promote public diplomacy. Domestic circle has an unprecedented concern on public diplomacy in recent years. Public diplomacy has officially been put on the governmental agenda. China will push forward the public diplomacy firmly and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of overseas. China will change the distorted image of China which western hostile forces propagate maliciously and establish the peaceful, democratic, progressive and responsible image of China in the international community.However,the study of public diplomacy has just been begun in Chinese academia. In this circumstance, it is necessary to study and summarize the experience and lessons about public diplomacy of the Unites States in order to promote the development and benefit of China’s public diplomacy. Currently, Chinese scholars have a wide research in studying American public diplomacy, but they are mostly concentrated in U.S.government. And they pay less attention to NGOs which include foundations are important actors in public diplomacy. Foundations are especially to play an important role in the field of public diplomacy. Researching foundations will help to boost the development of China’s public diplomacy. This paper will discuss the relationship between the United States Foundation and its government and the relevant concepts and theories about foundations and public diplomacy. Then the paper will introduce all kinds of the Ford Foundation projects in China in order to reveal both positive and negative aspects of the foundations which involved in public diplomacy in the United States. The purpose is to provide useful inspiration and important lessons for foundations and NGOs which participate in promoting public diplomacy in China.

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