Monday, June 8, 2015

Selected Articles from Place Branding and Public Diplomacy (May 2015)

Original Articles

--Greg Simons, "Taking the new public diplomacy online: Russia and China."
ABSTRACT[:] Russia and China have become significant players in terms of their activity within public diplomacy (PD), in a relatively short space of time. This article seeks to address the way these two countries manage the concept and practice of PD in an online communication environment (namely, Wbesites and social media).  ...
--Cesar Villanueva Rivas. "The use of the Spanish language as a cultural diplomacy strategy for extending Mexico's soft power in the United States."
ABSTRACT [:] ... This essay analyzes the use of the Spanish language as a retroactive strategy to help secure Mexico a place in 'the minds and hearts' of Americans.
Books Reviews

--Robin Brown, "European Public Diplomacy" Soft Power at Work."
...In its combination of detailed case studies and theoretical reflections, this book can be seen as representing the state of the art among public diplomacy scholars from the discipline of International Relations.

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