Sunday, June 21, 2015

Yoga day: In Indonesia, a comic book to commemorate cultural links

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Extract from article:
To commemorate the International Yoga Day, the Indian embassy in Indonesia has released a special publication, a comic book focusing on the historic India-Indonesia relationship.
"Travels through Time", is a part of the ongoing "Sahabat India: Festival of in Indonesia" which has revived and revitalised India's cultural links with Indonesia at large.
The comic book begins with when Indonesia and India came into contact and goes through different periods of historic, social and cultural interaction. The journey of the book goes through India's Look East Policy turning to Act East, the recent intensive engagement of India and Indonesia and ends with the elections of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Joko Widodo in 2014.
The comic book will be distributed to libraries, schools, universities and among children and public libraries in a unique public diplomacy effort.
The publication was released by an array of Indonesian celebrities including actors Nicholas Saputra, Agus Ringgo, Anjasmara, Ikat fashion designer Didiet Maulana, novelist, screenplay writer Asma Nadia, celebrity chef Farah Quinn, film director Nia Dinata.

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