Friday, June 5, 2015

Prime Minister Hailemariam hears the results of the Public Diplomacy Delegation visit to the Sudan

Thursday 3 June, 2015
DjibTalk Nouvelles Internationales
La Source: DjibTalk /Bureau de Djibouti
Prime Minister Hailemariam met on Wednesday (June 3) with the members of the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation which recently visited the Republic of Sudan and heard the report of their visit. The delegation, which included academics, religious leaders, business people, artists and farmers, well-known personalities and government officials, was headed by the Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Abadulla Gemeda. It spent a week in Khartoum as well as visiting some other areas (May 8-13) with the aim of enhancing the longstanding government-to-government relations and strengthening people-to-people links between the two countries. The members of the delegation told the Prime Minister that both the public and officials they met in Sudan showed a very real interest in the economic integration of Ethiopia and the Sudan.
They also noted the strong interest in investment in Ethiopia largely because of the stability that Ethiopia has achieved in the region. The Public Diplomacy Delegation felt their visit had been a great success and suggested that these public diplomacy activities should be institutionalized. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of strengthening economic ties with the Republic of Sudan in order to enhance public-to-public relations, and noted the need for in-depth research on the historical relationship between the two countries.
He expressed his satisfaction at the results of the Delegation’s visit and said the Government could be partnered with Public Diplomacy Delegations in order to take such missions to a higher level. He added that Public Diplomacy Delegation visits to other Nile Basin countries could be arranged in the near future.

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