Monday, June 15, 2015

Watch: Israel gets 'animated' about Gaza war coverage

The Foreign Ministry took a stab at the international media's coverage of Gaza in a satirical, animated video  posted on  the Internet on Sunday [JB - link to video available in article].

Ahead of a UN Human Rights Council report due to be published this week on last summer's war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the ministry issued the clip intended to urge the world to become more aware of the realities of oppression and terrorism in the coastal Palestinian territory.

The public diplomacy cartoon depicts a foreign correspondent reporting from the Hamas-run Strip and giving an account that varies in nature from the apparent terrorist ongoings seen in the camera frame behind his back.

"As you can see, the people here are tying to live quiet lives. There are no terrorists here, just ordinary people," the North American-accented reporter says as a purported Hamas operative is seen launching a projectile in the background.

The blonde-haired journalist is then seen in front of a terrorist infiltration tunnel as weapons-laden Hamas members file by behind him. The correspondent mistakenly explains that the underground network of passageways used to enter Israel and carry out terrorist attacks are in fact the interface for Hamas to build "the first Palestinian subway, which will bring Gaza's transportation system into the 21st Century."

In the following market scene, a terrorist is seen nabbing a man who appears to be linked to what looks similar to the rainbow flag of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community as the Anglo correspondent speaks of the liberal and pluralistic society that Hamas allows Gaza's civilians to live in. Gunshots are then heard, accompanied by screams seemingly from the kidnapped man.

The clip ends with a second reporter handing the first a pair of glasses so he can see "the reality of life under Hamas rule."

"Open your eyes. Terror rules Gaza," reads a final message printed across the screen in large text. 

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